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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 5, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. after one wild chase and shootout in the east bay gunfire pierces a bay area police car, an officer is shot after one wild chase and shootout in the east bay tonight. >> this all went down in pittsburg at the intersection of loveridge and east leyland roads. investigators have been out there for hours now. kpix5's joe vazquez spoke with witnesses who saw the officer get hit. what do they tell you, joe? >> reporter: ken, check it out behind me. it's still an active investigation, busy scene tonight. police investigators are in the middle of the intersection, about speaks or eight cars there involved in this multi-
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vehicle -- six or eight cars there involved in this multi- vehicle collision, glass shattered all over the street. it all started with a carjacking in bay point about 5 miles away. police say this man robbed this bmw from its driver around since p.m. police chased it here from antioch through pittsburg. the driver crashed his car into a bunch of other cars, then immediately got out and started firing shooting an officer in the face. >> i rolled up to the scene and saw the accident and heard the pops, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, just firing at the officers and they just started firing back. >> all i seen was when they were shooting, he fell back and that's all i seen. i seen him on the floor and he got up really quick and that's when all the cops were just there. >> reporter: at least four other people were treated by paramedics for the chain reaction car wreck that ensued. the antioch police officer is going to be okay, the wounds
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were superficial. he was treated and released from the hospital. the suspect surrendered. he's now in jail. reporting live in pittsburg joe vazquez, kpix5. we know tonight a bay area doctor, an addiction specialist, tried to save prince's life. the doctor and his son attempted to stage an intervention. the son arriving at prince's estate with a backpack full of drugs. kpix5's cate cauguiran is in mill valley now. tragically the call for help came hours too late. mill valley doctor . for help. dr. >> reporter: yes, liz, prince's reps did call this mill valley clinic asking for help. there are no signs here, so you wouldn't know inside is a nationally recognized opiate addiction clinic and the doctor who runs it was asked for help a day before prince died. in the last 24 hours of prince's life the singer's reps reached out to mill valley doctor howard kornfeld for help. dr. kornfeld is a nationally
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recognized addiction treatment specialist who runs recovery without walls here in mill valley. he wasn't able to meet with prince until two days later, so he sent his son andrew instead on a red eye from sfo to minneapolis. >> he set into motion a plan that was what he felt was a life saving mission and that mission was to get prince to a doctor in minnesota thursday morning. >> reporter: but when andrew got to prince's estate at paisley park, he had to make a call, not to his dad but 911. >> we need a paramedic. we're at paisley park, 7801 audubon road, person down not breathing. >> reporter: andrew was there when prince was found unresponsive in an elevator. >> one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator where he saw that prince was unconscious. >> reporter: according to the transcript andrew tells the 911 dispatcher we're at prince's house.
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the person is dead here and the people are just distraught. >> but in actuality the molecule actually looks like this. >> reporter: this is andrew giving a lecture about chemicals at uc santa cruz. an drown unlike his dad is not a medical doctor but flew with a become pack full of synthetic opiates used to help addicts treat their addiction. tonight prosecutors in minnesota are looking to see if andrew broke any laws. >> no drugs were ever administered. there was never any intention of drugs being administered to prince by andrew or by dr. kornfeld. >> reporter: the family's attorney says andrew kornfeld is a spokesperson for the outpatient clinic and frequently meets with patients to convince them to come get treatment at their clinic. in mill valley cate cauguiran, kpix5. >> in an interview with the chronicle dr. kornfeld said, "if this disease was not sigma tied, patients would seek care -- stigmatized, patients would seek care earlier and there
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would be less deaths." the age to buy cigarettes in california is going up from 18 to 21. governor jerry brown signed the bill today taking effect june 9th. the lawmaker who sponsored it said those three years make a big difference. me restrictions on >> a young adult that is 17, he or she is more likely to have a friend who is 18 that's going to buy them cigarettes. that same 17-year-old is less likely to have somebody in their social network that's 21 that's going to be able to buy for them. >> the governor also signed a bill placing the same restrictions on e-cigarettes as tobacco. that means no vaping at work or school or in restaurants or hospitals. this november it looks like you'll get to vote on whether to legalize recreational marijuana in california. lieutenant governor gavin newsom kicked off the campaign in today in san francisco. he was joined by members of the california medical association and the naacp. under the proposed law it would be legal for adults 21 and over
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to possess or sell an ounce of pot and grow up to six plants. it would be illegal to drive under the influence and there would be a 15% tax on all pot sales. should be t >> i know it's tough for some folks. i got a debate at home. my wiesel as a mother is honestly very concerned about -- wife as a mother is honestly very concerned about this. this issue is about getting drug dealers off the streets targeting our kids. >> do you think recreational pot should be legal? 50% of people in the bay area say yes according to a new poll from the bay area council. support was strongest in san francisco and the north bay. tonight san francisco's police chief is telling his officers don't use guns on people in crisis. use a baton instead. that policy change comes after a string of police shootings and protests like the one andria borba witnessed tonight. >> in regards to the strikers -- >> reporter: just three speakers into the public comment period of the san francisco police commission meeting, this happened.
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>> guzzling down gallons of chicken broth and chocolate shakes. >> everybody gets two minutes at a time, sir. we're going to follow the rules. i'll respect yours. you're next. you're next. go ahead. finish. >> are you all going to do that? are you going to do that? >> i want to get a chance to hear from you -- >> fire chief suhr! fire chief suhr. >> reporter: and the chamber dissolved into chants. at 5:40 the police commission stopped trying to conduct business over the calls for chief greg suhr's job and left the room and turned it over to the protesters. >> fire chief suhr! >> sfpd continues to murder people in the streets and it's our job to make sure that they stop. so until they give us that answer yes, he's gone, this will not continue.
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is that the sanctity of life demands he be gone. >> reporter: the sanctity of life is what chief suhr said he had in mind when he said calls must require the officer to carry a baton. >> the main thing is that you have it when you are actually dealing with whatever situation you're dealing with. >> reporter: the policy change comes after officers shot and killed a homeless man in the mission last month. in san francisco andria borba, kpix5. >> the police commission meeting resumed about 8:00 tonight. tonight the frisco five are now the frisco four. one of the hunger strikers who has been calling for chief suhr to be fired is in the hospital. he instagramed this picture of himself at ucsf medical condition. he reportedly has a blood condition. yesterday the hunger strikers led a march to city hall in
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wheelchairs. the gop presidential race started with these 17 candidates and tonight just like on the apprentice there's only one person left standing at the end and it is that guy, donald trump. allen martin shows us trump's last republican rival dropped out of the race. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> myself governor john kasich ended his campaign 24 hours after ted cruz did the same clearing the path fordonald trump to be the gop's candidate since dwight eisenhower to run with no rivals. >> we started with 17 candidates and how we got down to one that is probably the least qualified of the bunch, right, that's astounding to me.
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>> the democratic race is just about over as well. hillary clinton has 92% of the delegates needed for the nomination, but bernie sanders promised cbs evening news anchor scott pelley he's not dropping out before the convention. >> i think we have a path toward victory. i admit it is a narrow path, but we think everybody in this country, people in california, kentucky and west virginia, have a right to determine who they want to see as president of the united states and what kind of a agenda they want the democratic party to have. >> california hillary clinton leads donald trump by 22 points in a hypothetical head to head match-up. our primary, tuesday, june 7th. allen martin, kpix5. mutual. the band you may have noticed donald trump likes the rolling stones. apparently the feeling is not mutual. the band has officially asked him to stop playing their songs at his campaign events.
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oakland councilwoman leslie brooks will not face criminal charges for a confrontation with a well known activist. elaine brown, former black panther, claims brooks shoved her after an argument last fall at a restaurant. the da says there is not enough evidence that a crime took place. brown filed a $7 million lawsuit against brooks and the city of oakland. a car was on fire and an east bay city police officer trapped inside. then some good samaritans jumped into action. only on five tonight christin ayers talked to those rescuers. >> reporter: neighbors say the collision sounded like an explosion. >> thought it was a bombish type sound. >> reporter: they never expected to find an alameda patrol car mood on fire mangled t-boned by the white car here. the officer was trapped. his only way out?
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the driver's side window. >> he's actually reaching up behind him on the window frame trying to get out because the doors were sort of jammed and racked, but just grabbed him around the chest, pulled him out, needed some help getting him to the curb. >> reporter: mohammed ahmed scrambled to find a fire extinguisher in the shop where he works. you can still see the dent in the pole where the patrol car came to rest. the man who hit the officer took off running and left his passenger behind. that passenger spoke to police last night and not long after the drive who allegedly took off was found, wheeled into an ambulance and later arrested. frank was relieved to find out officer russell weiss' injuries were minor. he says he was simply in the right place at the right time. >> kind of interesting, not a daily activity going on. >> reporter: to pay it forward to police. christin ayers, kpix5. >> police say the man responsible for the crash has been identified as emmett del
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rosario. tough times for tesla, two manufacturing executives are leaving the company and the bay- area based electric carmaker lost $282 million in its first quarter. tesla stock has been on a downward slope since last month. tesla not the only bay area company experiencing some down numbers right now. you also have apple. you got twitter. tonight betty yu found out some business owners think the low numbers can be linked to ping pong. >> reporter: it's a must have ammenity at any sill -- silicon valley startup or tech company. many tech companies buy them at billiard whole sale in san jose. >> cisco is buying a lot, google, twitter, pretty much regular customers. they always buy it when either
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expanding or replacing old tables. >> reporter: but the business owner noticed twitter stopped coming in at the beginning of last year. at the same time its user growth slowed. >> definitely a concern a little bit. everybody is talking about tech bubble that pulled back in the stocks. >> reporter: billiard whole sale says that big tech companies always go for top of the line ping pong tables like this one at $2,500 each. in the first quarter of this year sales fell 50% from the last quarter. >> it's an indicator of mood. if these companies are entrenched, if these companies are bearing down, they're not in the mood to do things that seem frivolous. >> reporter: the president russell hancock of silicon valley says it's too soon to say if this was a downward trend. >> it's silly by fixing on the ping popping table, but you do gauge a company's success by
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their spending ntsb. >> reporter: tonight google tells kpix5 it has not -- habits. >> reporter: tonight google tells kpix5 it has not changed its spending habits. twitter had no comment. it's hard to miss the academy of art. the school owns prime real estate all over the city, but we discovered it doesn't always play by the rules. it owes a fortune in times. so why hasn't the city -- in fines. so why hasn't the city cracked down? is the academy getting special treatment? that's what our phil matier wantedton. >> i think us something that the can he -- wanted to know. >> i think it's something that the city and county attorney should be embarrassed about. >> reporter: the city attorney has had it with the academy of art. why? because the largest art school in the country is also one of the largest property owners in the city, occupying 40 buildings, many of them historic. the problem? it never got permits to convert many of them into the classrooms and dorms they are
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now being used as. fines for the conversions have piled up close to 10 years and they're potentially in the millions of dollars, but so far the university's owner and operator dr. alisa stevens hasn't paid a dime. >> reporter: how have they been able to do it for so long? >> it is truly unfortunate that instead of enforcing the law in an even handed way that there have been city agencies that have let them get away with murder. >> reporter: the city attorney is talking about the planning department. this is where regular people like you or i come to get a permit to remodel our home or maybe our business, but dr. stevens often skips that step. >> perhaps we have a bit more patience than the city attorney handling the matter. >> reporter: it's admitted the academy was allowed some breaks, most recently to finish appear environmental impact report already five -- an
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environmental impact report already five years behind schedule. >> it is comp capabilitied because of the environmental review. >> reporter: meanwhile stevens, an influence is that bay area philanthropist and friend of mayor ed lee doubling the academy's real estate holdings in just 10 years. it's no secret the academy is one of the biggest employers in san francisco. has anybody approached you and said lay off them? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: sanchez insists this year no more mr. nice guy. he just sent out 22 new notices of violation with a deadline of comply by july 1st or face fines of $250 per building per dame, but already stevens is appealing which could delay fines again. she turned down our interview request referring us instead to her seventh attorney on the case. >> our plan is to wrap all this up in a resolution that is satisfactory to the planning commission. >> reporter: jim brosnahan says a resolution is in the works, though he wouldn't go
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into details. >> it's a somewhat fluid matter at the present time. >> reporter: the main sticking point? nine properties violate a new city ordinance for residential units. the law would literally have to change to make these units legal. some other schools in the city had the same problem, but their buildings were grandfathered in. >> they were all grandfathered, but the academy is not. we want to be treated the same as everybody else. >> reporter: but back at city hall you get the sense that's not going to happen any time soon. >> here you have a politically powerful entity, one with vast economic and political resources at its disposal that is treated differently than the average homeowner or business owner. this totally takes away from the public's confidence in the integrity of government. >> reporter: in san francisco phil matier, kpix5. >> we've learned the academy turned in a key document to the planning document tonight that it hopes will prove its acting in good faith to resolve
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issues. the academy's attorney says the long awaited environmental impact report will also be completed in time for this month's planning commission meeting. speaking of this month, actually this week, maybe a little rain? >> we are going to get some rain. 500 lightning strikes today in northern california. to our north and east, didn't happen in the bay area, but tomorrow there's a chance it might. looking at kpix5 hi-def doppler, a severe thunderstorm just expired north and west of chico. we had a glorious sunset this evening. chopper 5 out and about catching the colors of the sunset. it is currently 57 degrees in livermore and santa rosa and still 60 in san jose. concord 53, fremont, mountain view, redwood city, livermore low 50s. we have a cut-off area of low pressure not moving with the fast racing winds of the jet stream. it's going slowly. it will stay where it is for a while just to our west feeding
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in the unstable air and feeding in the onshore flow. we'll stale cloudy and cool the next couple days. -- stay cloudy and cool the next couple days. the question is where does the rain pop up? could see some isolated showers and thunderstorms throughout the afternoon tomorrow. friday afternoon same story. even saturday morning we're talking about the chance of a few shower pretty far to the north, napa, sonoma county, lake mendocino county. the window of opportunity for the rain showers goes into the weekend now unsettled until saturday morning. that said any one location tomorrow only a 20% chance of rain, slightly higher on friday and a couple showers a match impact early little league games -- showers might impact early little league games on saturday. so a few showers tomorrow, few
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showers friday, may sneak in a rumble of thunder, even saturday morning a couple showers, but don't press with mom and we won't. mother nature say -- mess with mom and we won't. mother nature is saying take care of mom. some allergy relief possible. don't be surprised especially in north bay, may hear a rumble of thunder late tomorrow and don't mess with mom. don't why there could be a global rice shortage. >> and coming up on the late show with stephen
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of el nino. ather patterns are tonight there is some talk about a worldwide rice shortage because of el nino. >> weird weather patterns are hitting rice growing regions very hard. heatwaves are rippling through india, pakistan, vietnam and thailand causing drought. 60% of the world's rice is grown in those countries. grain supplies are expected to plummet by the end of the year. rice suppliers are hoping the upcoming monsoon in july will help boost production. which giants pitcher lays ,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. everywhere we go people talk about. this why isn't he in baseball? what's going on? let time pitch. >> we have started a website here at kpix5 he's going to try out on friday for 22 baseball teams and the giants are one of those teams. the way it's going the giants could probably use one. let's start across the bay. five starts against the a's last season felix hernandez allowed 12 runs. today he gave up eight, but would be it enough. a's pitcher known as a samoan randy johnson serves up the long ball to nelson cruz. look where it goes, ken, 435 feet caught by galen cooper who was attending his first a's game. mariners scored five runs off the oakland bullpen and won 9- 8. there's galen right there.
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giants going for a sweep in cincinnati. jake peavy did not put them in a good spot. the reds brought the lumber in the 2nd inning. peavy gave up seven runs in six innings at the bottom of the major leagues in earned run average at 9.00. giants lose 7-4. the warriors don't tip it off again till saturday with the blazers, great news for steph curry's ailing knee. festus came off the bench, scored eight points in 13 minutes. the effort had draymond green in a trance literally. >> it's been -- it's been a heck of a ride to be honest. i really can't complain. yeah, i was a little down. i found out i was injured. i had to have surgery again with another knee, but at the end of the day, i have amazing
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teammates. >> wow. talk about being in the zone. how about the cavs tonight, game two, nba record 25 three- pointers, 10 of the 13 guys who played hit 1. jr smith had seven. lebron james had four. cavs win 123-98 and now the warriors just have another streak to break. i tell you what. it's a collision course. those guys are healthy. kevin love is healthy. kyrie is healthy. healthy basketball teams. they're goin,,,,,,,,,,,,
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late show with steven colbert is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow >> our next newscast tomorrow ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> announcer: the following is a
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